Hello, everyone! My name is Andrei and I am a fourth-year student, following the International and European Law Programme at The Hague University. The last four years have been the foundation of great life experience from both academical and personal perspectives. Along the journey, there will be moments which might bring you down, but it is all part of the self-growing experience. At the end of the day, every new student has to realize that making mistakes is the actual process. Usually, the slipups are not as bad as they look like, and it is important to know that every little step contributes towards your development. And ask for help, because there are more people than you think that overpassed the same struggles.

• Biggest challenge: Job that would help me grow, administrative and financial burdens.

• Top Advice: My advice for the newbies would be to stay confident and perseverant, all the time, while also enjoying the journey of the student life
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