Why bunq?

As a student, moving to a new country is quite a challenge already, but imagine also trying to figure out all the appointments, locations, and paperwork that you have to do when opening a bank account. At bunq, there is no paperwork and no appointment needed, meaning that it'll be less stressful to sign up. You can arrange everything with one tap right from your phone, which saves you time, every time.

Opening a bank account in the Netherlands has never been this easy. You can get your bank account with bunq within 5 minutes, with no BSN required to sign up. With a big selection of convenient banking and budgeting features, the highest interest rates, and money saving international banking, bunq is definitely the best bank in the Netherlands for expats. Moreover, bunq only invests ethically and supports the environment as you spend your money: for every €100 that you spent, bunq plants a tree so you can become CO2 neutral in just about 2 years without any extra effort.

Open Your Student Bank Account Here