There are numerous English-speaking universities in the Netherlands with a learning style that differs from the one in the USA. The Problem-Based Learning approach is very popular in Dutch universities. It focuses on the topic of your studies rather than chasing good grades. Therefore, there is little to no peer pressure on students to “fight” for high grades and study for the big tests.

Chances are you’ll find universities in the Netherlands offering scholarships for outstanding foreign students, but even if you don’t, tuitions here are way more affordable than anywhere in the USA. You can find more information on this subject from Michaele’s experience as an American student in the Netherlands.

The Dutch are known for speaking good English, so it should be fairly easy to adapt to your new home from the language perspective. The Netherlands opened its doors to students of 170 nationalities, so you’ll probably meet and make friends with a large number of foreigners enrolled at your University.

If you feel homesick, or if you want to ask your fellow Americans about their experience in the Netherlands, we found these Facebook groups you can join:

You can also join organizations like the American Women’s Club of Amsterdam or The Hague, The Anglo-American Theatre Group, The In Players international drama Group, and many more.

Dutch cuisine is not too different from the American, but there are quite a few places you can go out to and enjoy a juicy burger that will remind you of home. Check out FRED AND HARRY’S or Burgerlijk in Maastricht for excellent food and a friendly atmosphere.