From Masters scholarships for international students, to lower tuition and living costs and the abundance of English taught degree programs to make it a focal point for students, worldwide. That results in a vibrant, young community of students, making up the entirety of 25% of the entire population of the country. Despite being a part of Europe, there may be instances of culture clashing. In that case, the effect of peer pressure on students’ behaviour can be unpredictable, especially without a support network. Luckily, that is not the case; Bulgarian ex-pats are living, studying, and thriving in the Netherlands. They are ready to help you or offer much-needed advice, especially when you’re starting. A good guess for where you can find such Bulgarian groups is Facebook; here are some examples:

University and college in the Netherlands is a fun and exciting time for all international students alike. But, in case you need some time to adjust, there are plenty of accommodations for Bulgarian students to make sure they’re having a good time. You can always find a place nearby that sells stuff from back home, with services such as Find BG Food or specialized Restaurants, like Restaurant Bolyari. There you will be more likely to find other Bulgarians, as well as pieces of your culture in the decorations and atmosphere.

Whether you get used faster or slowly to life in the Netherlands, there are plenty of options before you, to take into consideration and help you along your journey.