The local students are most attracted to the field of Psychology, with Business Management coming in as a close second. Put together, both of these specialities comprise almost half of all study choices for the entire German student body. The different atmosphere, study periods, and especially food make for an enticing new destination for Germans from all over – as proven by a large number of German student communities.

The communities built here are so tight-knit, you could spend your entire time there surrounded by German folk. Living, studying, and, of course, partying together – so much so that you may end up never having to learn Dutch in the first place. That is all thanks to everyone knowing how to speak English, and most people knowing a bit of German, as well. You may also have to confront some unpleasant examples of negative student peer pressure. In this case, it’s best to be in touch with your local student community. They can offer support with anything you might have trouble with, having been there themselves.

If you get homesick, there are many opportunities for international students to remind themselves of home. For German students mainly, some of these locations are restaurants, such as Kartoffel and Wush, which offer your favourite traditional German food. Meanwhile, bars like Wunderbar – represent the best destination for a fun night out, surrounded by your compatriots.

Germans have built a very warm community in the Netherlands and are more than happy to welcome new additions if you decide to study there.