There are multiple Indonesian Student Associations in Holland, like:

These organizations helped a lot of Indonesian nationals to adapt to their new lives in a European country and provided them with help and resources when needed. They would go as far as meeting their co-nationals at the airport when they got to the Netherlands for the very first time.

Check out these groups/pages on Facebook in case you need a fast answer about what to expect from studying in the Netherlands as an international student from Indonesia:

You can find valuable information on these student portals and groups, from where to find good Indonesian places to eat, to how to find a part-time internship for students, or how to apply for a scholarship to study in the Netherlands.

If you are looking for a scholarship for Indonesian nationals, you probably have heard about the Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS). If not, it’s definitely worth checking it out.

Indonesian food is popular in the Netherlands, so you should be able to find places to eat or buy traditional ingredients quite easily.

Find Indonesian spices such as Kemiri, Ketoembar, Sereh, etc in Asian supermarkets or go to a traditional restaurant like Blauw Restaurant in Amsterdam and Utrecht, or Restaurant Indonesia in Rotterdam.

With all these opportunities, it's hard to feel terribly homesick in the Netherlands as an Indonesian student.