The Netherlands offers attractive propositions to all students, from undergraduates to postgraduate doctors – everybody has something that brings them here. It could be the practical orientation, with plenty of internships to choose from, or better financial opportunities down the road – be it in a future job or research. Whichever the case, the focus on science, culturally, and STEM subjects – academically is one of the motivating forces behind the decisions to study here. International environments tend to be incredible cultural melting pots, where everyone is welcomed and appreciated for whatever they bring to the table. There are often decorations in dorms – cultural touchstones, flags, and assorted trinkets as tokens of appreciation. But, depending on the circumstances, it could have the opposite effect – using the differences to separate students from each other. To deal with such negative situations of peer pressure on students, you can get in touch and seek the support of your local Italian community. After all, who else to understand your struggles better than your compatriots that are in the same situation? Here are some links we have compiled for you:

Since you’re coming from Italy, there has likely been culture shock about how people here in the Netherlands treat their food. It turns out the top universities in the Netherlands don’t necessarily have the top canteens. Fret not, however; there are several local restaurants you can go to whenever you’re starting to miss the food your family used to cook. Here are a few places to help you look:

Once you’ve gotten your fill, feel free to remember your home by taking a look at Amsterdam’s cultural events focused entirely around Italian culture.

By knowing where to look, you can be back home whenever you want to, if only for an afternoon.