For Baltic nationals, it seems weird at first to get used to the weather, the lack of parking spots, the amount of coffee intake, and the bike obsession of the Dutch people. But there are more similarities between the two nations than differences. Both Lithuanians and Dutch nationals love to be quite straightforward, are highly opinionated, and have a big love for potatoes.

You too can apply to one of the top universities in the Netherlands and begin your journey as a Lithuanian expat. The cost of studies is very affordable, the proximity is attractive, and there are multiple career opportunities for skilled Lithuanian nationals.

Education in the Netherlands for international students doesn’t just mean going to classes. For your growth and well-being, it’s necessary to feel a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded people. Here are some online Lithuanian news portals and communities you can join and ask any questions you may have:

You may want to join your Diaspora community events, like LT Art or LT Big Brother where you can connect to inspirational people from Lithuania that can eventually help you find a job to support your life and studies in the Netherlands.

Lithuanian food is healthy and consists of products commonly found at any market in the Netherlands. If you feel like going out to a Lithuanian restaurant, we found the Sunny Side in Amsterdam. You can also find all the ingredients you need to make an Auksta Župa, Zeppelins, or Kepta Duona at any local market.