Dutch lifestyle differs from the one in Poland. One of the first things a newcomer should do is find out when and what to do to be safe, legal, and healthy in the new host country. Integrating into a foreign society goes a lot faster when you are an active member of a community. Here are a few online/offline organizations that have the prime goal of promoting Polish culture, values, and unity and also help and support to their co-nationals:

The cost of study in the Netherlands for international students is relatively low, but even so, as a Polish national, you can find and qualify for various Scholarships for Bachelor, Master, and PhD programmes, like the following:

For some, eating traditional food is the best cure for homesickness. Find the best authentic Polish food at the Karczma Polski Stol in Hague, or go to the Biedronka supermarket which is a chain of food stores (15-20 of them around the Netherlands), or even shop at Malinka where you can find traditional polish ingredients like kielbasa, pierogi, and cold beer. For a home-like, all-inclusive experience check these out!